Ary & Emilie

Status: High School Sweethearts

Ary & Emilie, two French film industry types, were high school sweethearts... Or something like that. They met between homeroom and homecoming but the love connection was unrequited until much later. 

They married in the French countryside in June 2015.

Follow him:  @aryGab / Follow her:  @emilieattal

Follow him: @aryGab/ Follow her: @emilieattal

How did your friendship evolve into a relationship?

According to her...

The story doesn't exactly go like that. It took me a long while to discover the many depths and dimensions of this amazing man. When I was finally able to get down to the core of who he really was, I knew I could not live without him.

According to him...

For me, it was love at first sight. I was crazy about her as soon as I lay eyes on her and pursued her for eight long years, in every way I knew how. After a while however, I got a clue and got tired of the chase, so I decided to pull away. As it turns out that strategy worked like a charm because soon after she began to show real interest. After she admitted she had developed feelings for me, we coupled up and the rest is history!   

Diane & Or

Status: Married

Some say destiny plays a role in finding your soulmate, well this relationship would certainly be an argument in that favor.  Diane grew up in Paris, while Or grew up a five-hour flight away in Tel Aviv. The couple met by chance at a party on the Mediterranean Coast and hit it off.  

They have been together for eight years.    

Follow her:  @diane_bella / Follow him:  @Or851

Follow her: @diane_bella/ Follow him: @Or851

Words of Wisdom: 

Understanding your partner and their perspective is ultimately the highest form of respect you could afford them and a key ingredient in maintaining a thriving relationship.

Liron & Eldad

Status: Happily Un-Married

With the impressive collection of academic degrees between these two, it comes as no surprise that Liron and Eldad were immediately attracted to each other's intellect and have been engaging each other in playfully challenging conversation since their very first date.

They have been together for eleven years and are proud parents to a beautiful dog named, Schnitzel.

Follow her:  @Lirontal20

Follow her: @Lirontal20

Why did you decide to go the unconventional route with marriage?

According to him...

Elvis wasn't there for the record, but thanks to technology, our family and friends were able to participate like they were... So, everybody was happy in the end. Although our "wedding" is not legally recognized by the government where we currently reside, it's as good as gold for us and no piece of paper or legislation will ever change our life-long commitment to each other.

According to her....

Neither of us believe in the institution of marriage nor the silly formalities that accompany it. The idea of a wedding never appealed to us but by a funny twist of fate, we had to get married to secure my visa so I could continue to accompany Eldad during his post-doctorate research abroad.  Luck would have it that we were close enough to Vegas to do the Elvis-style drive-thru wedding and in the end, nobody was deported! 

Harley & Lindsay

Status: Blissful Newlyweds

Lindsay and Harley met at a speed dating event while studying at the University of Ottawa.  They fell in love over a shared passion for food.  After four years of dating, Harley proposed on the rooftop of a hotel in Florence, Italy with the help of some technology and lots of bling.  

They married in Montreal in October 2013 and have lived happily ever after. 

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Follow her: @Modern_hostess  /   Follow him: @HFizzle

How do you make it work? 

According to Her...

We have fun together every single day. Even the most ordinary days are special when I'm with him.  we create opportunities for love, joy and laughter whenever we can, and it doesn't even feel like work... It's just who we are. 

According to Him...

While we are both extremely focused on our careers, we always prioritize our relationship before anything else.  I travel a lot for business, so often I will bring her along on these trips and turn them into work-cations.  Most weekends we spend our time hiking, biking and being outdoors, but we will typically reserve our nights for dinner parties with close friends, or romantic dinners for the two of us.  We make it work by putting in the time and effort required to nurture and develop our relationship and our love for each other.  


Michelle & Greg

Status: Long-distance Romance

About half a year ago, Greg left Montreal to chase his dream in San Francisco. Living in different countries meant a new chapter for their relationship. While long distance surely has its drawbacks (sometimes you just want to curl up and watch an entire Netflix series and feel less guilty doing it with your S/O,) it carries with it an invaluable lesson on self-growth and love. The truth is, when you love each other and you genuinely trust each other, there really isn't much that can stand in the way of that. 

That was the story of Michelle and Greg, until last week, when Michelle packed her life in two bags and followed her heart to San Francisco to join Greg on a new journey together.

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Follow her: @MShnaidman  /   Follow him: @GregIsenberg

What's your secret to make a relationship survive distance?

According to Her:

Technology definitely facilitates long distance relationships. He's super techy so he's always trying to show me newer and cooler mediums for video chatting. I just found out I can put cat ears on my head via Google Hangouts, so that's where I'll be for the next little while. Staying connected is really the trick. We'll tag each other in funny Instagram pictures/Facebook posts so we can share a quick laugh while we're both busy going about our days. Laughter is what keeps the spark strong while we're on opposite coasts.

According to Him:

I feel like the key to long distance is letting the other person know throughout the day you're thinking of them. The little things count. Social media definitely makes that easier. The other thing is when you do have the chance to go visit your boyfriend/girlfriend, spend some time in the countryside together. Definitely worth the investment. Something magical about going to a secluded area with the one you love to remind you why the hell you're doing this crazy long distance thing anyways.

*The couples featured on this page are all real-life couples. 

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