Cafe Europa

Cafe Europa

Too Cool for School Date Night

Rothschild Boulevard 9B


This is where the cool kids go on date night. Everything about this place is authentic, from the food, to the clientele, to the staff. You will feel like a regular from your very first meal. And though the food is delicious, it is just as acceptable and worthwhile to come to Cafe Europa for a quick drink on the front yard terrace or upstairs. The best part of the experience is that Cafe Europa doesn't call it quits, until you do! 

All the regulars know:

Sharon Cohen owns this joint, too.

Avoid this place if you can't bare the smell of cigarette smoke.

Portion size may be small but packs a big punch. You can't and won't want to share your meal.

A romantic walk down Rothschild after Cafe Europa is the perfect way to end a date.