Catch NYC

Trendsetter Date Night

21 9th Avenue

Tel: 212.392.5978

The venue will hardly wow you, but that won't matter since the food will leave you speechless. Make sure your date is a pescetarian at the very least, before you pull strings to get reservations. And consider yourself lucky if they don't touch carbs because that just means more warm pretzel bread rolls for you! Service can be slow, but it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy the company and let yourself be carried away by the ambiance. The worse thing to happen to Miami is that the South Florida location closed this past Spring. Take advantage of the Meatpacking location now!

All the regulars know:

This is the place for star-gazing. Expect an A-lister to be seated a lobster roll away.

Rooftop reservations are the destination: nightlife and city skyline. 

Indulge in one of their innovative cocktails (ie. Iris) while you wait for your table.

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