Steven, Montreal

Steven is a thirty-something, Montreal-based tech entrepreneur. When he isn’t busy travelling the world on business and for pleasure, he loves to cook, and engage in almost anything that requires creativity.  His collection of tattoos might catch your eye, but it’s his calm /cool/ collected personality that will catch you heart. Read on to know why he’s our most eligible.

Marital Status: Single

Astrological Sign: Leo

Passion: I rebuild old motorcycles in my spare time.

Left or right-brained? I have just the right mix to make it work.

Do you work hard or play hard. Both. I work hard to play hard. 

Tell us a secret: I need a baseball cap to dance.

Celeb crush: If I could create a hybrid woman with Catherine Zeta-Jones' looks and Drew Barrymore's edgy but warm personality- I would have my dream girl. 

First- date formula: I like to invite a woman over on the first date and cook for her.  There's nothing better than getting to know somebody over good food and no-holds barred conversation.

Best gift you ever gave: My ex-girlfriend and I once took a trip to the Spanish coast, where she snapped lots of beautiful pictures.  I stole her camera without her knowledge and created a hard-cover photobook for her to preserve the memories forever.  She was move to tears when I finally gave it to her. 

What technology do you recommend to snag a date?  I don't! I think technology is bad for dating. It's an entirely human activity filled with emotions, no algorithm can calculate that. 

Kristen, San Francisco

Kristen is a former Midwesterner turned Silicon Valley sweetheart.  Her thirst for life and learning have been known to take her on some wild adventures; the most recent of which includes a gig as co-founder of Irrational Labs, a behavioural economics consulting non-profit. Read on to discover the charm that has this Most Eligible turning heads and challenging minds, 

Follow her:  @bermster

Follow her: @bermster

Marital Status: Single

Astrological sign: Taurus

How do you measure happiness? The ratio of laughing to hours in the day.

Most Saturday mornings, you can find her: Trail running on Marin hills.


Tell us a secret: I eat grapes in the store. Like pick them off before they are washed.  Crazy, I know.   

How about something crazier? I did the Alcatraz swim (1.5 miles in the Bay) without training.  It all worked out. But the water was cold. 

Celeb crush: Jon Stewart. 

What is irresistible? That second of eye contact that is held just when we both should look away. 

Sex APPeal: Hinge.

Favorite date spot: Doloras park on a Saturday afternoon.

Which dating rule are you most likely to break: Drinking too much. I used to think I was funnier than usual on dates... And then I discovered that it may be that third glass of wine. 

The first person you call after a date is: My twin sister.  We're fraternal, so there is no swapping dates unfortunately, but she does get the low down.

What inspires you? Passionate people inspire me. Passion about anything.  I love getting into thoughtful and deep conversations about the world, a person's perspective on the world and their curiosity about it. 

If you had the power to impact one thing in the world, what would it be? Early education accessible to everyone.  

Love is: Admiration