Lindsay, NYC

What do you get when you take a North Carolina sweetheart and give her some NYC sass and a pen? Why, you get this brilliant blogger babe. Follow her journey as she follows her heart throughout the city with her puppy in tow. 

Follow her:  @LoveAddictNYC

Follow her: @LoveAddictNYC

Professional title: Editorial Director,; Freelance Writer, Blogger and Editor

Marital Status: Single!

Academic background: Bachelor of Science, Journalism; sociology minor from Appalachian State University

Astrological Sign: Virgo

How do you measure happiness? By how many people I'm able to make smile in a day, and how full my heart feels at the end. Champagne also makes me pretty smitten, too.

Do you work hard or play hard? I love - everything -hard.

Most Saturday mornings, you can find me: Drinking iced coffee (year-round), heading to the dog park with my 3-year-old pup, getting ready to venture around the city and end up with a new story for my blog. ( The best part of living in New York is that you're always surprised by how easily things come together - plans, friends, adventures, all of it.

What is irresistible? A man with a killer heart, a sweet smile and who can keep me on my toes... everywhere.

Favorite date spot: Rooftop bar in the summer; cozy cocktail lounge in the winter. Walking in the West Village in the fall or spring.

Last night I went on a date and…. I gave a guy a second chance - a year later! The date was great (and the goodnight kiss) but his follow-up was awful. Tip guys: a simple text message or better yet, a phone call, can go a long, long way.

Celeb crush: I'd have Gerald Butler's babies. And I have a pretty big girl crush on Emily Ratajkowski! (Would love to interview you, Emrata!)

Love is everywhere.

Which dating rule are you most likely to break: Being too quick to dismiss someone if they aren't exactly what I'm looking for, and giving them a chance - or at least a second date.

What’s your poison: I love Chilean Cabernets, and a good extra-dirty gin martini - but not in a martini glass.

Words to date by: Keep your heart open, but your feet on the ground.

Sex APPeal: I dig Hinge - but wish their technology would catch up.

Is sex on the first date yay or nay? Usually a nay, but could be a yay if I'm ever in a romantic comedy.

Tell us about the best date you ever had? We started at brunch - I went to the wrong location! He came to me, and we walked around FAO Schwartz , the Plaza and Fifth Avenue before getting a glass of wine overlooking Columbus Circle, and finished with a movie. It was one of those never-ending dates that just kept getting better. We dated for a month or so, and we're still friends now.

Describe the NYC dating scene in 5 words. Infuriating. Inspiring. Surprising. Unpredictable. Hungover.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt as a love and dating writer? That I'm SO not alone. And neither are you - or anyone else. We're all just trying to figure it out, and luckily, we have each other to help.

Best gift you have ever given someone: A home to my pup, Lucy.

If you had the power to impact one thing in the world, what would it be? To make them fall in love with themselves. We spend way too much time putting ourselves down, when really, if we were all filled with love, we wouldn't have much room for doubt.

Who/ What inspires you? NYC, my parents and their 28-year marriage, my best friends, my readers, random acts of kindness, insanely great first dates, pennies on the street.

What do you hope to accomplish today? I want to write books - both fiction and non-fiction - that help women love themselves... and never settle for a lack-luster love.