Melanie, NYC

Readers: Prepare to have your socks charmed off. This brainy beauty wears a fashionable collection of hats including that of a writer, a lifestyle expert, an uber-successful entrepreneur and most notably and proudly, a savvy auntie! How does she do it? We suspect her refreshingly optimistic attitude and her heart filled with love have something to do with it. Her most recent book, OTHERHOOD can give you greater insight, but for now take a peek below!

Follow her:  @SavvyAuntie   Credit: Circe Photography

Follow her: @SavvyAuntie

Credit: Circe Photography

Professional title: Author, Lifestyle Expert, Entrepreneur

Hometown: Montreal

Current Location: New York City

Marital Status: Single

Astrological Sign: Pisces

How do you measure happiness? Against my own expectations, no one else’s.

Do you work hard or play hard? When I’m in flow, both. When I’m not in the flow, neither.  

Left-brain or Right-brain thinker: My left brain is doing some research on that for you. My right brain is thinking about what to wear tonight.

Most Saturday mornings, you can find me: on my couch with The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, a hot cup of coffee, and a smile on my face.

Tell us a secret: My life is an open book - says the woman who wrote a memoir.

What is irresistible? His smile. (I don’t know who “he” is yet, but that smile will get me every time.)

Favorite date spot: The bar at Gennaro, an Italian wine bar and restaurant on the Upper West Side. Joe, the sommelier, really knows his grapes, and Gennaro, the chef, really knows his pasta.

Love is: ahead.

Which dating rule are you most likely to break: Depends. One cocktail or two?

Words to date by: Me: “Whatever you choose, I am sure I’ll enjoy it. No, really, you choose. Yes, I leave it up to you. I trust you. Oh that sounds lovely. I’ve wanted to try that place. Yes, 8:00 PM is perfect. Thank you. I’ll see you there. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Sex APPeal: JSwipe, Hinge, Tinder (in that order)

Tell us about the best date you ever had? I fell in love.

What is different between dating in your 40s and any other point in your life? Now I lean back as the men lean in.

What is the biggest misconception people have about singles? That it could never have happened to them.

What is the most valuable lesson you can impart from your dating experiences? That when a man purposely walks curbside, he’s probably a great lover.

If you had the power to impact one thing in the world, what would it be? My nephew’s and nieces’ happiness.

Who/ What inspires you? The knowledge that I have so much more ahead of me. My motto is: Move Forward; Keep Going.

On your list of must-dos: Celebrate other people’s achievements. Give more people the benefit of the doubt. Wear more color.