Evan, Globe Trotter

As sexy as he is silly, this joker will keep you laughing... if you don't immediately turn around in offense and disgust. In the midst of his travels, he shares with us his likes, loves, deal breakers... and even a romantic proposal. 

Follow him:  @evandubinsky

Follow him: @evandubinsky

Age: 31

Professional title: Music shit

Hometown: Montreal

Current Location: Nowhere

Marital status: Super fucking single

How do you measure happiness? By how many times I roll my eyes in a day.

Most Saturday mornings, you can find me: petting cute dogs.

Tell us a secret: Keeping your cellphone on will not effect the plane in any way.

What is irresistible? Cheesecake.

Celeb crush: The oldest Golden Girl

Which dating rule are you most likely to break: Uh- oh! There are rules? Fuck. No one told me about any of this.

Dating deal breaker? She doesn't "get" why Seinfeld is funny.

Stupidest reason you ever dumped a girl? She turned off her cellphone when they told her to.

What’s your poison: Chocolate milk

Words to date by: What would Oprah do?

Sexiest city? Omaha, Nebraska.

What is the most valuable lesson you can impart from your dating experiences? Don't take out your penis during dinner.

Best gift you have ever given someone: I offered to pay for the morning after pill. 

The first person you call after a date is: The girl. and I say "how creepy is this, eh?"

What inspires you? A fear of not wanting to die alone.

What do you hope to accomplish today? I don't want to go to jail for strangling an Uber driver.

On your list of must-reads: My bar-mitzvah haftorah and 50 Shades of Grey.

On your list of must-dos: i would like to propose to my wife at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day... But if I cant do that I'd love to get some Botox.