Cafe Gratitude LA

Cafe Gratitude LA

The Ethicist's Date Night 

639 N. Larchmont Blvd

Tel: 323.580.6383

This place is for the good people- the people who practice veganism, believe in sacred commerce and in advancing humanity. This place is for the people who live in the moment and for the moment, and are filled with gratitude for both. If you fall within these boundaries or aspire to, pull up a chair- Gratitude Cafe LA is waiting for you. Gratitude Cafe is brimming with positive energies to set the right tone for any first date; your heart will feel filled with love, and your stomach will feel filled with food. 

All the regulars know:

How to cleanse and follow the seven days of gratitude program to the letter.

Weinstock Kosher wines are available on the wine menu.

This is the place to learn to distinguish between chia seeds and hemp seeds. 

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