Lindsay & Harley

Status: Blissful Newlyweds

Lindsay and Harley met at a speed dating event while studying at the University of Ottawa.  They fell in love over a shared passion for food.  After four years of dating, Harley proposed on the rooftop of a hotel in Florence, Italy with the help of some technology and lots of bling.  

They married in Montreal in October 2013 and have lived happily ever after. 

How do you make it work?

According to Her...

We have fun together every single day. Even the most ordinary days are special when I'm with him.  we create opportunities for love, joy and laughter whenever we can, and it doesn't even feel like work... It's just who we are. 

According to Him...

While we are both extremely focused on our careers, we always prioritize our relationship before anything else.  I travel a lot for business, so often I will bring her along on these trips and turn them into work-cations.  Most weekends we spend our time hiking, biking and being outdoors, but we will typically reserve our nights for dinner parties with close friends, or romantic dinners for the two of us.  We make it work by putting in the time and effort required to nurture and develop our relationship and our love for each other.