Liron & Eldad

Status: Happily Un-Married

With the impressive collection of academic degrees between these two, it comes as no surprise that Liron and Eldad were immediately attracted to each other's intellect and have been engaging each other in playfully challenging conversation since their very first date.

They have been together for eleven years and are proud parents to a beautiful dog named, Schnitzel.

Follow her:  @LironTal20

Follow her: @LironTal20

Why did you go the unconventional route for your marriage?

According to him...

Elvis wasn't there for the record, but thanks to technology, our family and friends were able to participate like they were... So, everybody was happy in the end. Although our "wedding" is not legally recognized by the government where we currently reside, it's as good as gold for us and no piece of paper or legislation will ever change our life-long commitment to each other.

According to her...

Neither of us believe in the institution of marriage nor the silly formalities that accompany it. The idea of a wedding never appealed to us but by a funny twist of fate, we had to get married to secure my visa so I could continue to accompany Eldad during his post-doctorate research abroad.  Luck would have it that we were close enough to Vegas to do the Elvis-style drive-thru wedding and in the end, nobody was deported!