Ary & Emilie

Status: High School Sweethearts

Ary & Emilie, two French film industry types, were high school sweethearts... Or something like that. They met between homeroom and homecoming but the love connection was unrequited until much later. 

They married in the French countryside in June 2015.

Follow him:  @arygab  / Follow her:  @emilieattal

Follow him: @arygab / Follow her: @emilieattal

How did your friendship evolve into a relationship?

According to her...

The story doesn't exactly go like that. It took me a long while to discover the many depths and dimensions of this amazing man. When I was finally able to get down to the core of who he really was, I knew I could not live without him.


According to him...

For me, it was love at first sight. I was crazy about her as soon as I lay eyes on her and pursued her for eight long years, in every way I knew how. After a while however, I got a clue and got tired of the chase, so I decided to pull away. As it turns out that strategy worked like a charm because soon after she began to show real interest. After she admitted she had developed feelings for me, we coupled up and the rest is history!