You asked, we answered...

How does Three Matches work? Once you complete your private online profile here, our matchmaker will contact you to set up a brief consultation. Together you will determine who and what you are looking for in a relationship. Your matchmaker will present to you matches and you will only connect with those you choose.

Who can see my profile? Nobody but our matchmakers can see your profile.  We will only share it with your match once we have your approval.

Who are your clients? Our clients are Jewish young professionals. Our clients live around the world in cities like Montreal, Miami, Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Tel Aviv, Paris, Johannesburg and beyond. We also serve clients who fall outside of the young professional category.

How many clients do you have? Together with our trusted partners, we have compiled a "little black book" of hundreds upon hundreds of Jewish singles from the world over. The statistics vary constantly however we try to maintain an even balance of men and women in every cohort.

I love where I live and have no intention of re-locating. Can you still help me? Of course. Our network is extensive and we probably know a fantastic Jewish single near you!

How do you decide who to match me with? We search based on the criteria you set out for us. We have ten years of matchmaking experience under our belt but more significantly, we have a very strong sense of intuition that guided us straight into this business in the first place.

How expensive are your matchmaking service fees? Probably the cheapest around. We are the only matchmaking service or online dating company who offers their clients to pay-per-match. We believe everyone deserves love and we hope that is reflected in our accessible price. A yearly membership costs $1/day and for each match you agree upon, you are charged an additional $180.

What about your Singles Events. Aren't those awkward? They aren't because we don't run singles events. We create networking opportunities for young professionals to connect on a personal and professional level. Our events are designed to offer the most organic atmosphere to have fun and meet new people. This includes dinners, philanthropic events and more...

I've tried online dating and I hate it. Why should I try Three Matches or any other matchmaking service? We highly recommend any opportunity that will connect you with more people and bring you one step closer to meeting someone you can deeply connect with. Online dating is nothing like a matchmaking service because through matchmaking we offer a highly personalized and very private service. We tailor the entire experience to you and your goal. Furthermore, we meet and screen every person we introduce you to, to ensure your security and avoid any #catfishing.

Is Three Matches only for Jewish singles? No. Together with our partners, we are happy to serve all single populations.

I have a few more questions. How can I reach you? Our founder and head matchmaker is waiting to hear from you. Drop her a line now!