You asked about GHOSTING and DATING and this MATCHMAKER answered...

Recently, I connected with a guy deeply on a dating app. We met in person and shared a few great evenings together. I felt the relationship was really headed in the right direction until he totally and completely ghosted me! He stopped calling and texting entirely without any indication that something went wrong. Am I to blame? 

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Unless you have a good reason to believe you did something wrong, it's unlikely you did. The unfortunate truth of the matter is some people have no common courtesy and are good old fashioned ASSHOLES. I'm really sorry to learn you had the regretful misfortune to be burned by one.  

My first piece of advice to you is don't blame yourself for his bad behavior. You did nothing to merit his disrespect and you probably aren't the first or the last who will fall victim to his antics. Consider yourself lucky that the relationship didn't progress any further than it did before coming to this realization. You can't always spot these social misanthropic daters because they enjoy the game of misleading their prey, but to protect yourself in the future you may want to try to subtly sniff out his intentions for the relationship with strategic questions about his personal goals and plans.

My second piece of advice is move on and don't give him a second thought- he doesn't deserve it!