You asked if DATING has an EXPIRATION DATE and your MATCHMAKER answered

I'm 51 and never married but not for lack of desire or effort. I am handsome (or so I have been led to believe), successful with my own law practice and with a nice enough disposition. I have been in many long-term relationships and have no problem attracting women yet still marriage seems out of reach.  Can I kiss the dream of starting my own family goodbye?

Milk has an expiration date. (2 weeks after the sell-by date.) Lipstick has an expiration date (2 years after purchase.) Even sunscreen (3 years) and smoke detectors (10 years) have expiration dates. But love and romance don't have an expiration date.

The reason a lot of people feel otherwise is due to a mix of societal pressures and biological pressures.  Indeed, after a certain age starting a family becomes difficult,  but it doesn't become entirely impossible thanks to science, especially if one is willing to circumvent the traditional sense of the term and consider adoption or surrogacy.

Despite the fact that after a certain age, it feels like there are no single women (or men) left on the planet, the truth is there are many others,  be it because of the same circumstances as yourself or because of an unfortunate divorce or death of a spouse. The point is there are single people at every stage in life and there is no point where it becomes unacceptable to be single or that it becomes a life sentence.

Finding love is your right at whichever stage in life you are currently exploring. Adopt this attitude and become an active participant in your destiny by registering for dating websites, matchmaking services and even accepting setups by friends and strangers. May we celebrate your wedding in the year ahead and welcome a new addition to your family too.