You asked about THIRD MARRIAGES and the MATCHMAKER answered...

I am twice divorced and under 40. I understand that many might believe this is a reflection on me but I am certain it is not as I gave my most to each relationship. Even so, I feel compelled to hide this detail when I initially meet a man online or on a date. Is this dishonest?

Lying, disguising or hiding the truth is not honest and secrets are never a good way to start a relationship. With that being said, it is your prerogative to determine when the time is appropriate for you to reveal personal details, such as your romantic history. A first date is not an opportune time to air out your history with ex-husbands or boyfriends whether you have one, none or multiple. Next time you are asked, you can politely decline to reveal such information and defer it to a later date when you feel you won't be judged for your relationship history.  

Of course with that said, you should not allow yourself to be subject to judgments or feel guilt of humiliation for failing at one or more marriages. You should consider yourself experienced in the art of dating and prepared to fall in love with intelligence and insight into what makes relationships work. 

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