You asked about FERTILITY and DATING and the MATCHMAKER answered...

I just entered a new relationship. I feel really lucky to be connecting with such a wonderful guy however he is wounded from a past relationship and although my enthusiasm is reciprocated, he is still cautious and keeps on insisting we take things slow. This wouldn't be such a problem, the only thing is that I am 36 and my biological clock is ticking VERY loudly. Is there any way to talk about this without scaring him off?

I appreciate your responsible attitude towards fertility. Most people- both men and women- in their mid-thirties and dating recognize the immediacy of having children. With that said, he probably doesn't need any reminding and indeed, it may put some unnecessary pressure on him if he felt disappointed from his previous relationships and doesn't want to feel rushed. I recommend you talk about children in general. Make sure you are both committed to the idea of having children in the future and try to get a feel for when he envisions children and be sure to share when you envision them. In the meanwhile, you may want to consult your OB/GYN about your fertility health and map out all the options when the time comes.

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