You asked about UNEXPECTED PREGNANCY and this MATCHMAKER answered...

My boyfriend and I have been dating seriously for two over years. We are both ambitious young professionals in our early 30s and until recently I was convinced he was the man of my dreams and we were destined for a walk down the aisle soon. I skipped my menstrual cycle last month and discovered that I was pregnant. I was overjoyed until I shared the news with him.  He urged me to have an abortion which I absolutely refused. We are at the right age and point in our lives and our relationship to welcome this baby- I can't understand his reaction. Do I have the baby and hope he finds the love in his heart to share a life with us or do I dump him for his cold reaction?

You and your boyfriend are obviously in different places in your life emotionally. Though superficially you  may seem to both be successful young professionals ready for the next step, your level of maturity is clearly light years apart.  He got spooked when you shared the news perhaps because he still feels like a child himself? Perhaps because he is not ready for another responsibility? Perhaps because he wanted the child to come in a more traditional way of first-comes-love-then-comes-marriage or maybe even because he never wanted a child or marriage and just wanted to remain single and living the eligible bachelor life as long as he could. Whatever the reason may be, first discuss it with him and then decide if you want him to be a part of yours and your child's life. Keep in mind that regardless of what you will choose, he is still the father of that child and will be part of his life to some extent, so it will work in your favor to keep things amicable. 

Here are a few trusted matchmaker and relationship experts to weigh in, but at the end of the day remember that this is your body and your baby and the decision is yours entirely.  

Evan Marc Katz  - Alexandra Churchill for Your Tango - Abby Rodman for the Huffington Post