Reflections from a MATCHMAKER

On why you should hire a matchmaker:

The most popular question I get since I opened Three Matches, my matchmaking service nearly a decade ago is: WHY SHOULD I USE A MATCHMAKER... OR WHY FOR THAT MATTER SHOULD ANYONE?

People often wrongly assume that the service of a matchmaker is for desperate losers or the lovelorn.  My first client ever nearly a decade ago effectively dispelled that myth. This young 30s international bachelor (who could moonlight as a Ralph Lauren model) sought out my matchmaking services because his jetsetting ways were preventing him from finding and cultivating a serious romance. He did not want to try online dating because he was adamant about remaining anonymous, so he decided to do what his parents did- he hired a matchmaker (ME!)

He mentioned that he was too busy with his career to go on date after date in search of the perfect woman, so he gave me a laundry list of must-haves and dealbreakers which we broke down to essentials so that I could introduce him only to the most suitable matches.

He felt comfort in working together with me to find love because this matchmaking service is completely confidential. It's also the only alternative to modern dating that screens applicants and ensures there is no catfishing and everybody is representing themselves most accurately. 

His intuition was right. Although his story does not end (YET) like his parents- a matchmaking success story celebrating their 40th anniversary this year; it ends happily. I was able to introduce him to a woman he immediately connected with. They dated for a few years but unfortunately geography ended up determining the conclusion to their lovestory... Though I believe it's just a brief intermission.

Any young professionals reading this? Don't put your professional life on pause to find love- leave it to the pros. Three Matches is an international matchmaking agency serving Jewish singles- in Montreal, Jewish singles in Miami, Jewish singles in NYC for nearly a decade. Get in touch with us today so we can help you find love tomorrow.