Hey Jewish singles! Are you looking for the best kosher restaurant in your city to bring a (shidduch) date? We've got you covered:

Montreal Jewish singles: Keep in mind that sharing is caring and sushi is probably the best to share so reserve a table tonight at Yakimono or Saizen. Be sure to practise your chopstick etiquette first and I wish you a Kosher date night as hot as wasabi.

Miami Jewish singles: How about a casual night to stave off the summer heat? Maybe a walk on the beach and then a visit to House of Dog for a good ol' fashion hot dog and an ice cold beer. Let the no-pressure atmosphere work for you.

NYC Jewish singles: Grab a bottle of your fave Kosher wine. Here's a list we love. Pick up some Kosher cheeses from Zabar and set up a Kosher picnic with style. Check-out this list of picnic spots throughout New York City.