You asked us about CONVERSION and this MATCHMAKER answered...

Last week my boyfriend's mother took me for lunch and asked me to convert. I was appalled and offended. I am Jewish and although I am not practicing, I feel connected to the Jewish tradition and I know it would deeply hurt my family if I ever chose to reject my faith and take on anew one. Furthermore, my boyfriend is an atheist and we had agreed from the onset of our relationship that we would respect each other's beliefs whatever they may be. How should I address his mother's request?

Poor dear! Your mother-in-law sounds like a nightmare. Please keep in mind that you are dating your boyfriend and not his mother. You tended to the issue of religion, conversion and interfaith dating at the onset of your relationship and you did so as two consenting adults. His mother is belittling your decision and treating you both like children. You  and your boyfriend can respectfully explain to her that you have decided this together and you have opted to keep your respective relationships. Or you can choose to ignore her entirely, and this would fall within the realm of reason because such an out-of-place request does not merit much attention. Discuss the alternatives with your boyfriend and make sure you are the same page as to how to proceed. Regardless of how infuriating her conversion request may be, maintain your cool and the respect she deserves, after all she did raise the gentleman you fell in love with. 

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