You asked us about a PERSONALITY DISORDER and DATING and this MATCHMAKER answered...

I've been dating a guy for a few months and everything seems to be going fairly well. I'm starting to get suspicious however that I am being lied to... and the worst part is it seems to be beyond his control. His lies range in subject but don't necessarily harm our relationship. He may lie about past accomplishments, acquaintances, conversations, experiences. He only gets caught because of conflicting stories. Should I call him out on this?

In psychiatry, pathological lying is a controversial topic that is difficult to define. Here's a checklist from EliteDaily / LiveStrong and an online magazine that assesses health and relationships. The situation with your boyfriend seems to qualify as pathological because of his habit of telling a pointless lie.  There's no immediate harm to your relationship unless you decide otherwise, however  the long-term effects can lead to mistrust and can often be associated with narcissism- two things that have no place in your relationship.

If you value your boyfriend and see a future in your relationship, I recommend you get in touch with a mental health professional to help keep his compulsive problem under control. This may help him as much as it will help your relationship grow and he may forever be grateful to you for seeking out help, strengthening your relationship and deepening your love

Readers: Please keep in mind that this matchmaker is not a psychologist and can't offer any immediate diagnosis. A second opinion is highly recommended.

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