You asked us WHO PAYS ON A DATE and this MATCHMAKER answered,,,

I went on a date with a terrific guy. I thought we had a great time. There was laughter, touching, flirting and we even talked about tentative plans for a second date... When the time came to pay the bill, he did not even gesture for his wallet- I had to cover it. What's up with that?

The question I have for you is what's up with that question? I assume you are an independent, self-respecting woman who supports herself; and he is an independent, self-respecting man who supports himself; you each work hard, and you each earn a salary. So why in 2016 are you expecting a man to pay for you on a date? Would you pay for your friend (man or woman)?  Perhaps but not necessarily. The gesture would be nice but it should never be assumed, and it certainly shouldn't be expected because he is a man. If that were the case, then it wouldn't be his fault to expect you to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, right? For some reason, I think those plans wouldn't  quite compliment your career aspirations. #AMIRIGHT  The Atlantic gets it right on with this article.

It is very generous of you to cover the bill on the first date. Diane Von Furstenberg, a woman of unspeakable elegance once said "Generosity is the best investment." Keep that in mind if you want to permit this relationship to blossom... Next time you can allow him the opportunity to tend to the check. I am confident he will if he values your relationship. If he uses the "I forgot my wallet" excuse, keep your guard up- this one is a red flag. 

Otherwise, don't let money be an obstacle in the way of your newfound romance. There may or may not be a reason he let you pay on your first date, take the time to know this "terrific guy" and find out if some pocket change is enough of a deal breaker to put off finding love.

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