You asked us about the POLITICS OF DATING and this MATCHMAKER answered...

The presidential election is taking its toll on my relationship. I am a die-hard democrat and my boyfriend and his family are steadfast Trump supporters. This is causing lots of tension between us and is making me wonder if we are existentially different and must accept to go our separate ways. Matchmaker, is this the end?

This is not the end unless you want it to be. There is no doubt that as this political race heats up, the conversations that accompany it will too. Unfortunately, in your case, it sounds like it's already too hot to handle and has set a fire to your house. No need to let the whole place burn down and raze the foundation with it- your relationship can still be salvaged. You need to accept your boyfriend for who he is; and remember who you are as well. Your political preference does not necessarily dictate your values or reflect them. You chose and fell in love with your boyfriend for reasons far beyond his political allegiance. To remind yourself, you can propose a moratorium on any political talk at home and get back to topics you love to hear him wax on about. You can also ask him to explain his political leanings, though you must promise not to answer or argue- just listen and try to understand his viewpoint. This is not an exercise to convert you to vote Trump, it is simply to offer you a mature way to segue into "agree to disagree" territory. Of course, you must also be true to yourself and if you still feel the values he espouses through his voting patterns are incongruous with your own, for this election and for all those to come; then you can fairly weigh if you are ready to call it quits. 

A level-headed attitude should guide you both in your political choices, as well as your romantic choices. 

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