You asked us about LONG-DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS and this MATCHMAKER answered...

Over Spring Break, I met a great guy: clever, kind, handsome, thoughtful and funny- the whole package! The only catch is he lives 2500 miles away. We are both committed to giving this relationship a chance. How do you suggest we move forward?

You've come to the right place. This matchmaker's very own love story begins 5000 miles away and ends happily ever after. When my husband and I met, we knew immediately that nothing could keep us apart. We made a non-verbal commitment to each other to invest in the relationship with our hearts and with our time. We skipped all the games and got serious; and we made every effort to show each other what we meant by that. Despite the time difference and our respective busy schedules, we spent approximately 500 hours on FaceTime because it mattered to us. It was a great gift to our relationship because it developed our communication style and it also revealed our natural selves. On our second date, we jetted off to Barcelona, a neutral point between us. It was wild but romantic. Over the course of our courtship, we racked up frequent flier miles and as fun and exciting as it was to travel the world in pursuit of love; it was also very challenging. Entering in a long-distance relationship, you should be prepared for the heartache of being apart more often than not; for the missed milestones; for the loneliness and for the naysayers who may cause you to question the legitimacy of your relationship

You should also be prepared to live every moment as if it were your honeymoon. You should expect more passion and intensity than any other relationship and one where you make every minute count.

From my experience in a long-distance relationship, I can tell you that there is something very special about couples who make it through. My recommendation to you is to embrace technology- it's your best friend. This is not the era of love letters and sailors at every port. This is a time for Skype and Google Hangouts (emojis!); instant messaging and Avocado or Between. The last two technologies were designed specifically to help couples in long-distance relationships. BuzzFeed gives you another 17 to choose from... here

I can go on and on about long-distance relationships but I will leave you with just this: make sure to reserve quality time daily, include each other in every aspect of your respective lives even if you are far away, trust and never let too much time pass until you see each other again.

For my matchmaking clients who have been connected with someone from another city, I wish you luck and love. You are in for a beautiful ride (or flight ;)