You asked us where to find LOVE and this MATCHMAKER answered...

I just recently got divorced after ten years of marriage and am new to the dating game. Where can I meet good men?

Love is everywhere. Literally. As soon as you let down your guard and open your heart, you will see how men will be drawn to you with a near-magnetic force and spring up where you least expect it; including but not limited to the gym, the grocery store and at the back of the line at Starbucks. You might even meet eligible bachelors at work or discover new connections with guys already part of your inner circle.  It's only fair for this matchmaker to remind you to exercise caution with the latter two dating scenarios. Before you move forward with an office romance, inform yourself as to what the policy on dating co-workers is and also consider how it might affect your professional career. The same goes for evolving a friendship into a relationship. Consider the negative consequences  from any fallout and assess whether you are willing to take that risk.

Finally, if you are willing to take a more pro-active approach to dating I highly recommend our Jewish matchmaking services where we take control of the dating game and make sure you win every time.

You can also attend Jewish singles events or Jewish networking events hosted by Three Matches or institutions we highly value such as the 92Y  , Nellys List , the Jewish Chamber of Commerce to name a few... (Ask me for other suggestions.) 

Finally, if you are really committed to increasing your odds and meeting men by the masses, I recommend you sign-up to a few Jewish online dating sites in parallel like: JSwipe   JDate  and Jfiix.

Keep an open-mind and especially an open heart as you move forward because as I said before love is everywhere and you are your own best matchmaker.